Mother Merey and the Black Dirt: Learning Old Instruments on New Technology


"After we saw Washboard Chaz I went on YouTube and looked up videos of him playing. He teaches classes and so the first song I learned was..." She breaks into a "Stand By Me" freestyle. "Learning old instruments on new technology," she laughs again.

5) They've never heard of broadband Internet.

"Nowadays you can dial up on the Internet and find all sorts of roots music," says Kevin, who plays the harmonica, harp, and sings.

We get what he was trying to say -- it's easy to discover old music online now. But does he still use an AOL CD-ROM to dial up?

6) They respect their elders.

"We wanted to really pay homage to these great artists by recording some of their songs," says Eric.

"A lot of these songs are like 100 years old at least," Kevin chimes in.

"One of these songs was recorded in 1922, another one in 1929, and on the records we found that the artists from the 20's said that they learned their first song when they first started playing. So who knows," Eric says as he shrugs his shoulders. Exactly.

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