No One Knows More About Mexican Music Than This Woman

What's your process like on a movie?

I start with the script, and then I start to create playlists for specific scenes and I share that music with the director. For instance for Diego Luna's upcoming film Chavez, I have a list of songs for this tropical scene in Tijuana, another list of songs for the barbeque scene. Lee Daniels is another director I work with a lot, we worked on his new film The Butler together. Alejandro González Iñárritu – these are all guys who love music, so working with them is always fun.

What do you think of the younger musicians like 3Ball MTY coming out of Mexico? They weren't included in the movie, but I'm curious to know your thoughts.

I love them – and the botas picudas! I also love this group called Raul y Mexia [the sons of Hernan Hernandez of Los Tigres Del Norte]. These guys are mixing all sorts of sounds and genres in a fun way.

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What's your personal take on the pointy boots – would you rock them?

As long as I can walk in them, sure. I don't believe in uncomfortable shoes or heels.

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