The Marijuana Debate on Twitter Except Not Really

PHOTO: "Please Stop Trending" follows trending hashtags on Twitter.Romina Puga/Fusion
"Please Stop Trending" follows trending hashtags on Twitter.

The cyber-world has been impressing me with its hashtags for the past few weeks. I'm not calling them "great," but they've been a step up from people tweeting #SelfFact and #ThingsISayInSchoolTheMost. I was beginning to think I would never have to ask the world to please stop trending again, until today.

#MyFirstTimeBeingHigh has let me down -- not because users are admitting to smoking drugs -- but because most of the tweets were retweets of the same two images (David after the dentist and this adorable little boy who looks like he just woke up).

When I saw the trend I was angry/excited to click on it and see all the awful/brilliant things people were tweeting. Instead I was bombarded with these two photos. Then there were the people who decided to be "clever" and tweet about being on an airplane or roller coaster. Good one.

But... (there's a but)... I will applaud those users who used photos in their tweets instead of saying something like:

I'm happy to see some multimedia in my tweets, so here are the best photos from all the marijuana smokers/Twitter superusers out there:

Some clever people who killed my buzz right after that goat photo:

But then this happened so it was Ok:

Another text-only tweet:

Ok. It's pretty funny. I take it back.

And the voice of reason to close us out...