Happy Halloween! From La Llorona to Paranormal Activity, Latinos Love A Good Scare

Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, of 28 Days Later fame, recently made a bilingual film called Intruders as a way to deal with some of his own childhood fears and brushes with the supernatural. In the movie, released earlier this year and starring Clive Owen, a faceless creature named Hollowface haunts two separate families in the U.K. and Spain. Though no one can see him, Hollowface lurks in the corners, desperately desiring love but only knowing how to spread fear and hate.

"When I lived in my house [in the Canary Islands] with my parents, I always felt there was something strange, something hidden that was affecting us, but my parents never spoke to me about it," the director told me back in March. "They never shared some family secrets that may have served as clues. That's dangerous because as kids our imagination can run wild and create something infinitely scarier than the actual reality. This monster without a face represents those mysteries, that which is unknown."

Here in the U.S., Latinos consistently over-index as a movie-going audience for these types of scary movies and studios are finding new ways to cash in. In the case of the enormously successful Paranormal Activity franchise, Latinos make up 30 percent of its audience, more than the usual 20 – 25 percent for other films of the same genre. The latest and fourth installment has already made $69 million worldwide – not bad for a movie that cost $5 million to make.

So it's no surprise that Paramount, the studio behind the Paranormal movies, has announced plans for a Latino spin-off, from the same team that brought you all four PA movies - and who will bring you the forthcoming fifth one. "This will be an off-shoot aimed at the groups who have been the biggest supporters of the property — Latinos and folks in Latin America — Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina," a Paramount insider told Deadline Hollywood.

Paranormal Activity producer Jason Blum's office told me he'd rather not comment as it's still too early in the process, but what we do know is that it will star mostly Latino actors and film partly in Spanish.

Chacon believes the new Latino spin-off of Paranormal Activity will be a huge hit. "It's a no-brainer," he says. "There's a lot that can be explored there. From a cinematic standpoint, the way it's filmed gets a certain reaction, that mockumentary style creates this pseudo reality, and when you watch this film, it has a way of sneaking into your belief system a little easier, for a moment or two, your brain is thinking this is real, and it's significantly more terrifying."

So if they one day make a mockumentary style film of La Llorona, I know I won't be the only one watching – even if it means never sleeping ever again.

Happy Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos! Mwuahahahahhahahaha…

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