Eva Longoria Among the Powerful Latina Women Forbes Missed on Their Top 100 List

PHOTO: Obama Campaign Co-Chair Eva Longoria addresses the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., on Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012.

After taking a final look at the list of Forbes' Most Powerful Women in the World, it was evident there were some big figures missing from it.

The women on this list have used their influence, wealth, and renown to change the lives of people who surround them while making major contributions to the advancement of their countries and industries. They are the "movers and shakers" of our times and carry themselves as role models for the definition of Latina success.

From the industries represented in the original Forbes' Top 100 list — politics, business, web, entertainment - meet the four Latinas they missed.

In politics: Laura Chinchilla — President of Costa Rica

The first female president of Costa Rica and the 6th in Latin America's history, she is a catholic-school girl turned glamorous politician.

Two-years down her presidential career, public view is split on her policy record. A long-standing problem along the border with Nicaragua, a $997 million deficit, and her reluctance to separate the catholic church from the state made her public acceptance dwindle to a low 26% in 2011.

Despite working against public opinion and with a Congress that blocked her proposals, that same year, Costa Rica experienced the lowest inflation in the last 40 years and managed a 4% growth despite a global economic crisis. Chinchilla is set in not being willing to sacrifice social programs and government subsidies as an alternative to reduce the GDP to debt ratio.

Instead, she could be closing 2012 with a major deal that would raise Costa Rica's profile into the major leagues in the region. China has been touting the country to develop a Free Trade zone that would harbor 20,000 companies and provide jobs for 75,000 people. She has defined this project as the beginning of a new area in the country.

In business: Angelica Fuentes — Mexican entrepreneur

Talk about corporate big leagues and Angelica Fuentes will invariable appear in the conversation. She is a non-stop businesswoman whose influence spreads across assorted industries.

She started by taking over her family's natural gas business earning her the nickname of "la Reina del Gas" where she climbed up to served as General Manager. Financials for private companies are seldom released so an estimate of her wealth is not available however Grupo Imperial is considered one of the most important energy producers in Mexico.

Soon after her now husband Jorge Vergara convinced her into joining him to run Omnilife-Chivas- the giant vitamin company and owner of the Mexican soccer team Chivas. The group provides jobs to 4.5 million families and has a presence in 23 countries. She is currently busy overseeing various Chivas investments including the construction of a brand new $160 million stadium.

Angelica was also part of the celebrity scene through Anhelo, her husband's production studio. Among many other films, it produced worldwide blockbuster Y Tu Mama Tambien.

Her reputation as a successful entrepreneur has granted her the honors of representing Mexico in conferences such as the World Economic Forum and becoming part of the Tamayo museum.

On the web: Yoani Sanchez — Cuban Activist, blogger

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