Snoop Lion Wants to Stop the Party For a Minute and Fix the World

PHOTO: Snoop Lion talks to us about "Reincarnation".PlayABC Univision
WATCH Say My Name With Romina: Featuring Snoop Lion

Snoop Lion has a new and improved life plan: Quit partying, fix the world, then get back to partying.

It was Thursday at SXSW in Austin, Texas, and my editor and I were on a mission: find Snoop Lion and ask him which version of my name he'd rather call me if we were friends -- Romizzle, or Rominizzle?

Before we got to that point, our interview was pushed back a few hours to after the premiere of his new documentary, "Reincarnated." It's directed by Andy Capper, and is about Snoop's experience in Jamaica recording his first reggae album (also called Reincarnated, out April 23). The movie is presented by VICE Films and Snoopadelic Films and will be released in select theaters today. Check out if you want to purchase tickets.

Anyway, as we waited in a press room at the Paramount Theater for the film to begin, I did a little pacing and wondered how far into the interview I should wait until I could ask him to say my name.

A guy with a Snoop Lion shirt walked by, and I complimented his tee. "Check out my website. You can find them on," he said. Note to self -- purchase Snoop Lion tee on

We were then told Snoop was coming into the press room so we set up. A few minutes later he walked into my life (with his posse leading the way) and I knew we were soul mates. "It's f*cking cold in here!" was the first thing I heard him say. As a Floridian, I'm always cold… like, always. So the fact that he probably had goosebumps at the same moment I had goosebumps really brought us together on a higher, more spiritual level.

"Hey! Those are my girls!" yelled one of the guys in his crew. I turned around and, of course, it was the Snoop Lion T-shirt guy. "Hey!" I yelled back. I was totally "in."

As Snoop and I sat down in our assigned barstools, I knew what was about to happen. It would be the greatest installment of "Say My Name With Romina" to date. So yes, he said my name. But he did it with his own poetic, Snoop-approved twist: Rominizzle.

We then talked about his Rastafarian reincarnation, revisiting Jamaica as Snoop Lion rather than Snoop Dogg, if money was still on his mind, and why the Chilean soccer team needs to step up their game. Oh, and he schooled me on why Kobe is better than LeBron (That part is still up for debate). I'm highly considering changing my legal name and quitting my job to join his posse. Watch the video above. You'll see why.