Alleged Undocumented Immigrant Served as a Volunteer Sheriff

The state has felt the impact. Some businesses have turned to recruiting legal immigrants, like refugees. In Henry County, farmers have complained about the lack of workers. "We did have a good many farmworkers," said Sheriff Maddox. "When the immigration law changed a couple years ago a lot of them moved to Georgia."

Immigration laws have become even more relevant for the sheriff's office now that a volunteer deputy is facing charges. For 62-year-old Sheriff Maddox, it's a sign that immigration laws need to be reworked.

"I think the new immigration laws are so complicated, so hard to enforce, that it all needs to be redone," he said. "This is a country of immigrants, there has to be some standard way that a person can come here, especially someone who is a productive citizen, and become a citizen and get a green card."

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