EXCLUSIVE:Businessman Linked to Plane Carrying Jenni Rivera Falsified Flight Logs, Convicted on Drug Charges

Anthony J. Celeste, an attorney representing Starwood, declined to comment.

Esquino Nuñez's troubled past has emerged in two civil lawsuits filed this year in federal court in Nevada by two insurance companies alleging that the Mexican businessman hid his felony convictions when signing insurance policies for several of Starwood's aircraft.

The plaintiffs' lawyers say they discovered the alleged fraud in the insurance papers after Starwood Management tried to collect the insurance policies on two of its aircraft that were seized by the DEA.

One of the planes is a Hawker 700 seized at the McAllen, Texas airport on September 12, 2012. The other is Gulfstream G-1159, which was seized in February in Tucson, Arizona.

In its lawsuit against Starwood, QBE Insurance Corporation alleges that Esquino Nuñez is the company's "alter ego'' and that the two are inseparable entities. Starwood denied the claim, court records show.

According to state records, Esquino Nuñez also known as Ed Nuñez, is not listed as a director or registered agent of Starwood Management.

In a lawsuit filed this year by Starwood against the Drug Enforcement Agency seeking to recover the Gulfstream G-1159 seized in Tucson, the company insists Esquino Nuñez is not part of the company.

"Starwood was the owner when the aircraft was initially registered with the [Federal Aviation Administration] and at the time the Aircraft was seized," the complaint says. "The only member of Starwood Management, LLC is its manager, Norma Gonzalez. When the Aircraft was formerly registered with the FAA by Starwood Management, LLC, the documents were signed by Mr. Ed Nuñez, operating through a power of attorney given to Mr. Nunez by Starwood."

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