The Rise of the Alpha Geek as the New Super Rich

If the hurdles of elected office are too much for you, another path is be a muscular philanthropist. Increasingly you are seeing that being what the plutocrats want to do, what has status in their community. And I have some ambivalent feelings about it. Obviously a lot of tremendously good work is being done and it's great to have this group of incredibly smart people who understand how the world economy works turning their money and their minds to public policy and social problems. Having said that, I think we need to at least think about to what extent we want major public policy issues being decided by the richest guy in the room.

8. Why is this group dangerous for the global economy?

First of all I think the underlying economic forces are really fantastic. I think globalization is great and it's great that people all over the world are being lifted out of poverty, and I love the technology revolution.

Having said that, we should be mindful of the fact that these very, very deep economic changes are also having very deep social and political consequences. I think we are naive if we believe that somehow our societies are going to seamlessly adjust to this brand new set of changes without making some pretty big accommodations. What I worry about is…I don't see that inventiveness. I don't see that new thinking. Part of the reason that we don't see that new thinking is that if you're looking at the world from the Olympian heights of the plutocracy it seems pretty terrific. That need for new thinking doesn't manifest as powerfully.

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