Chavez's Frail Health and Other Top News From Latin America

John McAfee, founder of the anti-virus brand that bears his name, was deported from Guatemala and landed on US soil in Miami airport on Wednesday night. The software tycoon fled from Belize where he was wanted by questioning in the case of his neighbor's murder. McAfee fears he would be framed by Belize's authorities and fled to Guatemala where he asked for political asylum. Guatemalan authority treated him as an illegal immigrant and deported him back to the US. Guatemalan authorities "took me out of my cell and put me on a freaking plane, I had no choice in the matter" he told ABC News.

Former Brazil President Luiz Ignacio "Lula" Da Silva "Aware" of Corruption Scheme, Defendant Says

Marcos Valerio, one of the defendants in Brazil "Mensalao" case, a major bribe and money laundering scheme involving top public servants, allegedly provided information about former president Luiz Ignacio "Lula" Da Silva's involvement in the scheme in exchange for a reduction of his 40-year prison sentence. According to Valerio, not only was Lula aware of the scheme but he personally benefited from part of the laundered money. Interviewed in Paris, Lula discarded the accusation as a "desperate attempt" by Valerio to reduce his sentence.

85 Pounds of Marijuana Cannons Fired Above Mexico-US Border

Thirty cans of marihuana worth $42,500 landed in Arizona after being fired out of an air-pressurized cannon on the Mexican side of the border. Border patrol agents where looking for the device after they found 33 marijuana packed cans near a border fence last week. "We have never seen this before," US Border Patrol spokesperson Kyle Estes told Reuters, "we have seen catapults but nothing like this, that's for sure."

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