69 People Jailed Following Violent Mexico Protests

Meyer mentioned that in the past, governments from Enrique Peña Nieto's Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) had funded violent groups that infiltrated peaceful student protests, and carried out acts of vandalism to discredit the PRI's opposition. He said there was not enough evidence to tell if this is what happened on Saturday, but added that historical precedents meant that it would be "naïve" to discard the hypothesis that the PRI or another group that wanted to discredit the Mexican opposition, had paid agitators to ruin Saturday's protests.

An article published on Monday by Mexico's Reforma newspaper meanwhile, claimed that eight detained members of a local anarchist group had admitted to police, that they had each been paid 300 pesos ($25) to riot and provoke violence on Saturday. The Reforma article, however, provides no indications as to who would've paid the anarchists to riot on Saturday, or why they would do such a thing.

As officials investigate Saturday's incidents, four protesters who were seriously injured that day recover from their wounds in hospital. Twenty-two-year-old Jose Uriel Diaz lost his left eye, apparently because he was hit with a tear gas canister. Another protester, 67-year-old Juan Francisco Koytenal, suffered a fractured skull and is recovering from a complex surgery.

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