How Venezuela Keeps Low Income Americans Warm

That might spell trouble for people like Sofie Holland. Back at her place in Washington, D.C., the limos and hors d'oeuvre are long gone. The aid, however, continues to come in: this year is Holland's second time as a beneficiary of the CITGO program. It's also her second time receiving heating oil from the city.

Despite the assistance, as winter drags on Holland fears she will soon run out of oil. Her home--a large, old house that she moved to 30 years ago--has been rapidly deteriorating, and keeping the warmth inside the house is a problem.

"I'm handing it over to God" she says. She also effusively repeats her gratitude for the CITGO-Venezuela Heating Oil Program. "How can you criticize someone who is helping people? What are the people who are criticizing doing to help? I don't look at the president of Venezuela as a dictator. I look at him as a kind human being."

*Jasmine Garsd is a host of NPR's Alt.Latino, a weekly show about Latin music and culture

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