Analysis: This is What Mitt Romney Must do at the Debate to Turn This Race Around

Mitt Romney will likely follow one of these two paths. He can try to follow in Reagan's footsteps and summon all the argumentative acumen and charm his inner-circle insists he has. But it's not that simple. There's a fine line between genuine I-feel-your-pain charisma and blatant fakery. One joke too many, one "ha" too loud in his usual laughter staccato, and Romney could end up with a crushing defeat, becoming the conservative version of Michael Dukakis, that other Massachusetts governor who simply couldn't overcome his own awkwardness. In any case, Romney probably won't be able to count on a mistake by his opponent. As of late, Barack Obama has become a master at the art of managing the slimmest of leads. For a while now, Obama has had only one mission in mind: appear presidential, solemn and even a bit morose, at all times. It seems to be working. It's Mitt Romney who has to come out swinging. Will he land the blow he needs? Get ready to rumble!

León Krauze is the news anchor for Univision's KMEX 34 in Los Angeles.

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