Not Sure What ID You Need To Vote? Find Out Here

PHOTO: Head Counts interactive map provides voters with information regarding voter ID requirements in each state.

Several states have changed their voter ID requirements since 2008, leaving many voters confused about what to bring to the polls on Election Day. As a result, several organizations have launched useful Election-Day tools for voters.

Headcount, a grassroots voter registration group, has developed an online guide to voter ID requirements in each state. See the map here.

This simple and clear map allows voters to click on their state of residency to access information about voting in their state. Included in these state guides is a list of ID required to vote.

Other organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have developed similar tools to help voters.

On the ACLU's "Vote Your Values," online tool, voters can find information about various state ballot initiatives, in addition to voter ID information. What's especially useful about ACLU's website is that all their information is downloadable and printable, which means people without home computers or smart phones can print the information from any location and take it with them to the polls.

Election Protection, which also runs a full-time hotline for voters in English and Spanish, has an app that lets voters check their registration status, as well as their polling location.

To download the app, text OURVOTE to 90975, or search "ElectProtect" in iTunes.

Before you head out on November 6 to cast your ballot, check these tools to make sure you have all the information you need.

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