Interview: Jeb Bush Talks Romney, Obama, and Immigration

The idea that you could use a law that allows for a case-by-case review of specific immigration cases for around 200,000 people … the president doesn't have that power. Mitt Romney would be someone who would uphold the law and fight for a broader consensus on immigration reform that solves this on a long-term basis and not just over a two-year period.

7. What are the policies you see that Gov. Romney would draw the line on and refuse to support it?

I don't know. Again, I think the way to frame this is what does he support? And he supports the expansion of immigration opportunities for those who have specific skills that can help us grow our economy.

Where the challenges begin are what do you do with the people who are here illegally, and having some means by which you deal with that is where the biggest political fight is. And that is where the president has failed. President Obama had a chance with 60 senators, a majority in the House to fulfill a specific campaign promise he made, which gained him significant support in the 2008 election. And then crickets were heard. That's all we heard. Not a single bill proposed.

We went onto really important things like overspending federal government money on things that didn't jumpstart the economy and the passage of a massive healthcare bill that created a partisan divide of the likes of which we have never dealt with.

By the way, I have already voted for Mitt Romney. I know that's a shock.

8. I noticed that you have been increasing your campaigning with him in the final weeks of the race. Have you talked to Gov. Romney about whether you would have a position in his administration?

No, I haven't. I want him to get elected.

9. Would you want one?

I doubt it. I don't know, it's highly speculative. Right now the focus is on helping him as much as I can. I'm praying for him.

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