Judge Halts Pennsylvania's Voter ID Law


Most Pennsylvanians support the voter ID law. According to a Franklin and Marshall College poll, 59 percent support the ID requirement while 39 percent oppose it. According to the Associated Press, the state has taken steps to encourage people to get IDs, sending out postcards and airing television and radio spots.

But interestingly, while 99 percent of Pennsylvanians polled by the college said they already have the needed ID, according to Matt Barreto, a Latino politics scholar and professor at the University of Washington who filed a report on behalf of the plaintiffs in the case, that's not true. And that perception is a key part of the problem.

According to Barreto, 14 percent of Pennsylvania's voter-eligible population actually lacks the required ID. And that number is significant because it's more than double the number of votes that comprised Obama's margin of victory in 2008.

Barreto certainly wants to see the law fall, and while the 14 percent is disputable, even the Pennsylvania Secretary of State's office acknowledged that more than nine percent of Pennsylvanians lack the required ID.

The case has taken center stage in the run-up to the November election. While Obama is leading Pennsylvania in the polls, Romney is not far behind, and opponents of the voter ID law argue its implementation could prevent people from obtaining IDs in time for the election.

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