Keep an Eye on These Four Things During the Election

That would mean Romney's coalition white voters and self-identified independents could pack a greater punch. Romney is winning white voters by 15 percentage points, according to the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll but other projections have shown a gap as wide as 20 points. The numbers say that Latinos are actually more optimistic about the direction of the country than the rest of the population, but even Democrats have acknowledged it's been tougher to get people out to vote this year.

Kaine volunteer John Hastings said that the jobs situation has rebounded for Latinos in Virginia, particularly in the construction sector. But it's still a tough sell.

"It's a different ballgame," he said. "We have to make sure we get our people to get out and go to the polls. It's going to be harder this year because there is a lot of things in the way ... It's going to be harder to mobilize people because they don't have that original energy."

Whichever party is right about their projection of the electorate will likely be the one that wins.

2. States to Watch

We already mentioned Virginia, but the two big states everyone will have their eyes on Tuesday night is Ohio and Florida. Both candidates view Ohio as a critically important state but in recent days, it's looking like more of an uphill battle for Romney.

Real Clear Politics shows Obama holding a narrow three percentage point advantage in pre-election polls and the GOP candidate has received bad press there recently over a misleading campaign ad on the auto bailout.

The race remains close, however, and Obama can ill afford to lose the state considering its part of his so-called "firewall" of Midwestern states that are able to protect his path to victory in the electoral vote.

Florida, on the other hand, is looking like a must-win for Romney. Without Florida's 29 electoral votes, Romney would have to sweep every other battleground state to win the race. Romney holds a slim lead in most polls and his campaign is confident it can turn out core supporters, including GOP-leaning Cuban-Americans in South Florida.

But as our Cristina Costantini reports from central Florida, the Obama campaign will have an improved shot at Florida if it can motivate its supporters, including Puerto Ricans, who vote only intermittently.

Polls close in Ohio, Virginia, and Florida at 8 PM or sooner, so we could have a picture early in the night of how the contest is trending.

3. Doomsday Scenarios.

Maybe it's the closeness of the horse race. Maybe it's the weariness of the political press. But for one reason or another, a number of doomsday scenarios have cropped up in

In addition to quirky voting rules in Ohio that could delay the final count in the key state, there are multiple paths to a 269-269 electoral vote tie.

ABC News' Jon Karl recently broke down what would happen in such an event. In the event of a tie, the House of Representatives, each state delegation gets a single vote for president and the Senate votes for a vice president. It's almost certain that Republicans will keep the majority of state delegations, so Romney would be elected president.

In the Senate, each member gets a single vote for vice president. Most projections show Democrats keeping control of the Senate, meaning that Biden would likely win.

Could you imagine a Romney-Biden White House? Neither can we.

4. Voter Suppression?

Miami-Dade county's controversial decision this weekend to close then reopen its early voting location shined light on what could be a rocky day at the polls.

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