Sizing up the Candidates: Paul Ryan vs. Joe Biden Sartorial Debate

Now, I know many people may be asking why I'm spending so much time looking at these men's clothes. Who cares? They want to lead a country, fix an economy – not walk a runway, right? Sure, that's true, I doubt any of the candidates have the time or interest to keep up with the latest in menswear and tailoring. But consider this: for all our differences, every Republican, Democrat, undecided, and (almost every) liberal wakes up each morning and covers 90% of his or her body in clothing. Would you want a person who fails so obviously at this most basic of human tasks to run your country, make decisions on your behalf, and represent your general interests every day over the next four years?

It's certainly something to think about. Besides, when your beloved Mr. President or Mr. Vice President is inevitably caught in sheep's clothing, with his pants down, and his foot in his mouth, don't you at least hope the man is on the front page in well-cut Loro Piana wool, chomping on a John Lobb shoe, reminding the rest of the world and its nattily-attired leaders (this excludes you, Hugo) that yes, America is back, sharper, sleeker, and smarter than ever?

Result: the committee of one has unanimously declared the winner: Vice President Joe Biden.

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