At University of Miami, Romney Plays Well in the Room, But Not Outside of It


Head Model UN delegate at U of M, Castro says he favors Obama in part because he subscribes to the "Obama brand" of foreign policy over the "Romney brand". Those polled in Wednesday's Pew study also preferred Obama over Romney by about 15 percentage points, and two thirds of those surveyed disapproved of Romney's comments criticizing the administration after the U.S. ambassador's death.

Castro noted that Romney handled the questions from Univision's anchors with relative grace on Wednesday night.

"He got past the hard part which was the immigration questions. He defended himself and answered her question pretty smoothly, without really answering the questions," he said.

During the candidate forum, Romney vowed not to round up undocumented immigrants, but did still did not offer any specifics on his plan to handle those young immigrants who are eligible for temporary relief from deportation under Obama's "deferred action" policy.

"For those who are already here and that are undocumented and were brought here by their parents and are therefore illegal aliens in this country, my view is that we should put in place a permanent solution," Romney said.

The larger problem for both candidates, but Romney especially, will be getting young and Latino voters to actually show up on election day, Castro noted.

"It's not just how much you hate the other guy. It's about how excited you are to vote for your guy," he said.

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