3 Countries Where It's Easier To Vote Than the United States

The United States ranks 138th out of 172 countries in voter turnout, with less than half of Americans turning up to vote in the last presidential election. It could be nothing more than old-fashioned apathy, but a complicated set of voting rules probably doesn't help much.

Aside from the three aformentioned nations, which all have higher voter turnout than the U.S., other countries have made voting easier by holding election day on a holiday or a weekend, instead of a day of the working week, like we do in the United States. Many of such countries have higher voter turnout than the United States, including France (67.3 percent voter turnout), Germany (80.2 percent), Russia (56.6 percent), Thailand (82.1 percent) and Japan (68.7 percent).

So if you ever get fed up with American voting law --- and find Swedish meatballs, marsupials, or the sound of the Baltic fiddle are more your thing -- consider moving to Sweden, Australia, or Estonia, where governments seem to be making voting a little bit easier for their citizens.

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