Opinion: At Tonight's Debate Mexico Is the Forgotten Country

So, what is keeping American politicians from engaging in a public and courageous debate about Mexico? The answer, unfortunately, has to do with deep-rooted cynicism and electoral pragmatism. Neither candidate will talk about Mexico's situation because that would lead to a discussion of gun control, and no one, apparently, wants to anger the all-powerful NRA. Neither candidate will speak openly about drug policy because that would mean grappling on a thorny subject in the nation's so-called "cultural battles". It's all too risky, too…inconvenient. I'm betting that the only way we'll hear about Mexico tonight will be through "Fast and Furious", a program that is electorally profitable for the GOP and which the NRA loves to hate.

Naturally, I hope I'm wrong. I long to witness an honest discussion on America's role in its neighbor's tragedy. But I wouldn't count on it. As has been the case for a while, 90 minutes will go by with plenty of time allotted to the travails of societies that lie ten thousand miles away but almost nothing devoted to a country held hostage and just a stone's throw away.

León Krauze is the news anchor for Univision's KMEX 34 in Los Angeles.

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