Screenshot/DEA/San DIego Section
  • Five "Wanted" Posters fro El Chapo Guzman

    Since he escaped prison on the back of a laundry truck, Joaquin Guzman has been a highly wanted man. The U.S. has offered a $5 million reward for the drug boss, and posters on both sides of the border ask for information leading to "El Chapo's" capture. Few photos of Guzman exist, but his mugshots appear on several posters published by law enforcement agencies in Mexico and the U.S. Here are some.
    Screenshot/DEA/San DIego Section
  • Five "Wanted" Posters fro El Chapo Guzman

    This poster was published in May by the San Diego section of the DEA and placed at California border checkpoints. The poster lists el Chapo as part of an all-star cast of Mexican drug dealers whose organizations have a presence in Southern California. Can you spot El Chapo in this pic?
    Screenshot/DEA/San DIego Section
  • Five "Wanted" Posters of El Chapo Guzman

    This Mexican-government issued poster describes el Chapo as a "dangerous" man and asks people to provide information leading to his capture, "for the benefit" of Mexico's children. The above picture was taken in Monterrey, Mexico in 2005. The poster includes photos of several members of the Sinaloa Cartel.
    Alejandro Acosta/AFP/Getty Images
  • Five "Wanted" Posters fro El Chapo Guzman

    The El Paso branch of the DEA describes El Chapo Guzman as one of its "local fugitives," and has produced the above sheet on him. In April 2012, a Federal Grand Jury in El Paso issued an arrest warrant against Guzman and 22 other members of the Sinaloa Cartel. They are accused of dealing drugs, laundering money, and masterminding murders in the area.
    Screenshot/DEA/El Paso Section
  • Five "Wanted" Posters fro El Chapo Guzman

    In February the Chicago Crime Commission, a nonprofit, bestowed upon El Chapo the moniker of "public enemy number one." The Crime Commission says El Chapo's drug trading activities have generated crime and addiction in Chicago. The group is not offering any reward for El Chapo's capture, but it is trying to pressure the U.S. government to take tougher actions on his Sinaloa Cartel.
    Chicago Crime Commission
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