Snowden Situation Leads to New Conflict Between U.S. and LatAm

Experts say that, as a whole, it's unlikely that U.S. relations with Latin America will be seriously affected by this incident. However, they say it wouldn't be surprising if UNASUR issued a strong statement. This club of nations includes countries, which are generally perceived as U.S. allies such as Brazil, Peru and Chile, as well as political rivals like Venezuela, Argentina and Bolivia.

What happened to Morales might also have another seemingly contradictory effect.

Some analysts point out that the U.S. could have been trying to send a message to the world, by asking European nations to force Morales' plane to the ground. Though that might have a chilling effect for most countries that were considering granting Snowden asylum, in Latin America, as Youngers points out, the result could be the opposite.

"This could actually help Snowden," Youngers said. "The outrage might work in his favor, and Bolivia, from his point of view, is a very good choice [for asylum], since it doesn't have much to lose [in terms of trade deals with the U.S.] and the situation is more politically stable than in Venezuela."

As far as we know, Snowden is still at the international arrivals terminal of Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport. In recent days, he sent asylum requests to at least 19 countries, including Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador. Most have already rejected his petition, but Bolivia and Venezuela, still haven't said their final word on it.

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