Javier Bardem Might Be The Best Bond Villain

3:00 | 10/19/12

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Transcript for Javier Bardem Might Be The Best Bond Villain
-- -- -- -- And -- heard from governor bush thank you. When you have little boy had said that going to see the bond -- isn't very special experience for -- So what do you make of the fact that he you are saying this iconic -- very memorable villain in the fiftieth anniversary of its patents. Well you put about ways and it's very. Yes the victim at the Clinton did so with that worries it was above the material when he came to you. Solemn attention anyways. -- that -- it's amazing cast. Is prepared to do it. -- -- -- There -- elements of silly -- that reminds you comic book that. The physical qualities are -- just terrifying to -- -- Did you draw. Comic books at all. That -- in the ghostly light to draw itself. Since it was very studies. -- it. I'm sorry about that have to -- Unfortunately but that to imagine that practice quite always. Sometimes do of the worst express. Media. And place. The schedule will explain more. -- based in that war. Simons gave me which is comfortable this you have to -- -- comfortable situation every every time we see you. -- -- -- -- -- It's -- challenged me -- Kabul. Should. Mean. In both cases an incredible here -- very different character thing -- more than half a lot of things to work with two -- with -- These case. -- for human being done nor -- which was more symbolic idea -- are broken and broken person who really have some very protective goat cheese and his fight for is -- important for. The work day. In. -- -- -- Yup you -- an -- -- this situation is very hard for people and includes the movie industry. -- many colleagues amazing pictures of the issues are employed so currencies -- doing. Much movies the next couple of your -- -- Which is -- But beyond that point. I don't really pay attention to work comes from -- -- the privilege and -- look like you know to work such as Spain. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you come from states -- if it goes from Algeria always following honestly don't mean that's beaten you get. I think accountant -- it.

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