Jenni Rivera Remembered by Multiple Generations of Fans

Who Were Jenni Rivera's Die-Hard Fans?
2:58 | 12/11/12

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Transcript for Jenni Rivera Remembered by Multiple Generations of Fans
-- My daughter called me tell me did you what happens to Indiana my home now which along the TV is it says that her saying that -- missing at first then. Felt that we needed will be here and just let -- -- -- -- until we hear that she's passed away that they -- would definitely -- body then we'll leave it right now we have the -- with trade issues like. We're gonna go get some teachers -- right now because. We knew we want to thank bill. Which her family. -- about that we're not close to them we don't live where it is very went with them. -- -- The victims -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My name is really -- Until we hear brother. Because she worried -- she's -- -- this new. We were badly in -- -- -- you have fun and yeah they did this when he dived twenty dollars. Devote invent this whole night and that they don't have what they'll simply because you'll get I think anything is at present we want this -- -- -- -- -- all of them in this world. -- come again -- -- -- a -- -- and and money at cheap by Alabama thing on and she -- okay songs have different meanings and I could feel like I -- on Hank could be. You know her having -- on lake do you like her being the boss of her own life like. I think she was a great woman she was very intact and very family oriented and very. Loving -- there. -- -- -- that would help. Anybody status and power to women in many ways with her struggle -- is that everybody knows. He kinky -- -- no matter land as a teen mom raising her children and having many of the voices -- you know -- help. It helps believe a lot of swimming -- were -- legs and she inspired many women who you know gain that confidence. Phillips says feel they've -- I love they. Okay. -- I'm almost a woman got me incident into the music and I prison and I just love her long stretches. She started her students she's one of us I'll moderate Republican -- She utters her ups and downs but she always -- -- doesn't always always -- -- around. -- -- -- Didn't think you. --

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{"id":17930812,"title":"Jenni Rivera Remembered by Multiple Generations of Fans ","duration":"2:58","description":"Who Were Jenni Rivera's Die-Hard Fans?","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/jenni-rivera-remembered-multiple-generations-fans-17930812","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}