Nina Sky Shows You How To Survive In The Music Biz, Against All Odds

4:01 | 12/07/12

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Transcript for Nina Sky Shows You How To Survive In The Music Biz, Against All Odds
And the and that's bad news guy -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- right now sees them working hard all day. See you want to sit out of this interview yeah. I and I -- those go with the new phase of our lives well. Do not exist our own personal growth -- not for the we think about every -- we wake up that we get ready it's cool that people. You know like Lee Jackson that you guys just cool because. We literally pick up will -- for myself I won't really under the bus like that because they close my fly -- the -- and now went into the form and then Natalie. But looking at that they think people like out of my -- that way that I. Five time this week and it's it's cool the united I think when something is so real and not you know the fact that. I would say we both don't really think too much about -- wearing it is just about being comfortable on the S and I think when people don't think about it other people getting. I would -- plated being pigeonholed but I know that and when you -- to yourself. People see that and we are genuinely into August and -- if -- and -- -- -- music. So when we get up close to do collaborations with people like Sean -- Ivan dilute our alchemist tonight. More recently -- major -- there. When we get so many different artist if the music is great -- -- -- -- down you know so -- It's natural that we just want to -- these awesome record that I think people see that it. You know it's a genuine love of music that keeps us doing these -- I think they -- night. They day they have and I didn't hold back. Yeah. Yeah and is since 2005. With -- -- they say it. -- -- -- -- -- And you know -- -- -- Traveled to Puerto -- we went to put it -- we worked with TV queen we went to live -- I'd say -- he let that. Some of the produce is up and out of the quotes -- I think right now we're just focusing on. You know making the music academy game and of -- on the line we still consider making a that is out we need. Even during one of our songs that we haven't -- -- in Spanish -- -- people. -- act will not so fluent in Spanish there's the fact is that I have that. I don't want to be put it to think at least about only came from privacy we're very proud to be that -- as you know we love all the -- you know that this on the done it. With no -- and attitude about it. Right now we're just focusing on -- -- -- -- -- from the nursing services special I was before the -- but -- but. -- -- How -- see if days. And let the -- it's. -- lamb meal and -- And yeah. And need. Count on the maids are leave me -- -- -- -- I. Even though Leon that now. -- -- -- -- Oh. -- -- and think yeah. Do what the as Celine did it sting goes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Within days cleaning season. And found thousands without a little over that a lot and I think. He's getting -- -- you know.

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