These Books Taste So Good: Making Recipes From The Mortal Instruments And More

Recent dishes she has made include her City of Bones: The Mortal Instruments menu (“Food is woven throughout and Taki’s dinner is the only major food scene” ) and her best friend Jess Wills writes young adult book reviews for website Tales of the Compendium, which introduced Taylor to a number of new authors. “I’m constantly raiding her bookshelf,” she said. “My favorite series would be Perry Mason novels by Erle Stanley Gardner. I also like Friday Brown by Vikki Wakefield, Zac and Mia by A.J. Betts and Life In Outer Space by Melissa Kiel.”

Why does Taylor do this? There are no adverts on her blog. The answer? It’s all about passion and loving what she does.

"If I’ve caused someone to get excited or inspired when they see the food, I feel I’ve done what I’ve set out to do, and that makes me proud. Harry Potter’s Alcoholic Butterbeer, Wonka’s Whipple Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight Chocolate Bar, Snow White’s Once Upon A Time Apple Pie and Treasure Island’s Kraken Rum Cake have all been favorites."

Check out Bryton Taylor's work here. For futher foodie inspiration she recommends trying Fictional Food and Yummy Books.

The Most Iconic Literacy Delicacies

The Fusion team salivated over Bryton Taylor’s photos and we came up with a list of iconic food that we remember from literature.

"Roast beast" from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

“Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster” from Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

"Miss Havisham’s Wedding cake" from Charles Dickens' Great Expectations.

“ButterBeer” from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter.

“Stone Soup,” from elementary school!

“Quail and rose petal soup,” in Laura Esquivel‘s Como Agua Para Chocolate.

We’d love to know what you would add to this, please share in the comments below.

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