Dec. 15, 2006: Reliving a 'Christmas Story'

Owners of "A Christmas Story" home in Cleveland open it up for tours.
4:14 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for Dec. 15, 2006: Reliving a 'Christmas Story'
The extraordinary staying power of one Christmas movie did you know that more than fourteen million Americans watched the 1983 film a Christmas story on television. Each and every holiday season. And now the Christmas story isn't just on -- television. It's -- life in Cleveland. ABC's Barbara Pinto says it's a sign of the times. This is a Christmas story about well a Christmas story. Don't think. What would you like Christmas horrified -- hurt myself blurted out. Additional mechanical haven't actually doing generally well -- -- -- -- Now shoot your -- out. The quirky holiday film set in Indiana in the 1940s. About a young boys obsession with the BB gun. When a Christmas story opened in 1983. It was not a major box office hit critics said it was too sarcastic. But that was before Turner Classic Movies and other cable channels started airing a Christmas story -- Leaving his younger and more ironic generation of fans stuck on this unusual film. What about this fight fans like thirty year old Brian Jones whose devotion is over the top. -- in the movie stars and I feel like you stepped aren't the sad that you actually reliving the movie when you come to see the house the house where the movie was shot is actually on west eleventh street in Cleveland. -- bought off of eBay 2004. Running -- even if -- -- if anybody at a house it's so I'll hear the radio where they listened to little orphan -- to shift the kitchen. And there shining in the window. -- -- -- -- I want. Few props and movie DeMint had this kind of stature this kind of glow which he will. -- and this having on day as an -- and like -- absolutely. That's exactly what Brian Jones decided to do when he left the navy. He sees the profits from his -- usual business to help renovate -- house. Making it next the movie was an easy since most of the interiors were shot on a Canadian sound stage. Take the stairs for instance -- And those infamous -- Immediately my feet began to sweat slows truth fluffy little ponies with the blue what ninth steered south fully up but they. We actually had to recreate this part was the house. They look exactly like this there's even now the -- the neighborhood the yard the house they all seem strangely familiar but the crowds here are new. Since the Parker house opened for business just a few weeks ago nearly 101000 movie -- -- lined up to take the tour. Welcome a Christmas or else. Travis and Lisa Campbell drove two and a half hours with eight month old -- I was relieved that that wasn't the only person out here. Hardly. For five dollars each they come to really the movie. Dependency. -- really -- asking the lure of the leg -- trust you guys. Gorgeous. There are original movie artifacts and -- souvenir stands we got 200 dollar lamp. That the that the true holiday cheer. We touch something in the heart of the people I think it's the craziness the integrity of the realists of the movie I think. Locals who played bit parts have now become and I. The liberties of source. Patty LaFontaine Johnson Andrew hosts a bar where Santa's sadistic else -- stores. -- I had no idea that we be riding the wave all of these years absolutely incredible you can bitterly -- -- relevant. He delivered the major -- the only thing just decide you. -- -- -- -- -- -- Which brings us back to Brian Jones in his unusual career. -- our -- a Christmas story happen if Elliot now everybody loves a Christmas story take that movie critics were it was pixel cameras -- they were filmed in the end of the movie. -- I'm Barbara Pinto in Cleveland for Nightline.

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{"id":15162603,"title":"Dec. 15, 2006: Reliving a 'Christmas Story'","duration":"4:14","description":"Owners of \"A Christmas Story\" home in Cleveland open it up for tours.","url":"/Archives/video/dec-15-2006-reliving-christmas-story-15162603","section":"Archives","mediaType":"default"}