Dec. 30, 1996: Predictions for 1997

A prediction panel guesses the future in politics, economy and entertainment.
7:08 | 12/29/11

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Transcript for Dec. 30, 1996: Predictions for 1997
Joining us again this year to -- into the crystal ball alive predictions panel from Washington Mary Matalin and Clarence Page and from Albuquerque Jerry Nachman. Well let's get started immediately let's go right to the main event Newt Gingrich will -- be reelected as speaker of the house and if you say yes. Will he serve as speaker for the entire term of this congress -- yes and yes no doubt about it. Well -- any reason for giving that prediction. Because see is and rightly so the leader of the Republican not just the Republican house but in many ways the Republican party's a visionary the whole thing is trumped up you why in the dark about as I said last year a lot of smoke and no fire. This is all politics and not his colleagues' respect him and -- be real lack. I get the picture Thursday should feel bad about a -- or not I'm a little less than enthusiastic about pickup to an area which is a OL the less certain. The fact that that we've seen vessel -- Republicans little over a half dozen full borrowed them expressing grave reservations the last few days. I am plus indication that there's a lot more to come that we haven't heard about public we will -- charges. Against mr. Gingrich -- to stay up until squeak through to get reelected but his firm. A speaker will be slow week but I would not be surprised. If he did not finish 1997 the speaker. -- -- I'm with Clarence yes or no yes will be reelected because he's got the votes no problem I mean who stepped down because of the -- but factor. The other factor is what we're seeing on all the talk shows where every time the appropriate questions are directed toward the Democrats the answer is -- -- -- -- about -- OK let's go to the president now before we do let me tell you what you did last year let me show you what you did last year you were asked. Whether Whitewater would be a problem for President Clinton in 1996 this is what you said. I think why waters trickling on the mind that's that mixed metaphor but I do not expect Whitewater to be a problem for Clinton this year. A raging torrent and not not in -- criminal area but in a way that's going to be a huge embarrassment. There will be some discovery amounts to obstruction of justice in this destruction of files from the Rose Law Firm but the unfortunately. The electors become so calloused to wrongdoing in regards to Whitewater that they won't really care that much and as embarrassing as it will be to the White House people have come to expect that from this White House. You know I'm not sure what you all said. I know -- was reelected. Let -- -- like politicians -- -- let's go to 1997. Now will there be more indictments that Kenneth Starr the independent counsel hands down and if so. Who Willie indict and will one of them -- Hillary Clinton. There. I don't think Hillary Clinton will be indicted and however I am I'm worried for the sake of a couple of people love Bernie Nussbaum and the former White House counsel and Maggie Williams Hillary Clinton aide. Come to mind. So I wouldn't be surprised about happened public. Hedging there I understand Jerry. I -- but Clarence on Maggie Williams and Bernie Nussbaum and I up him Bruce Lindsey I think -- mrs. Clinton. Is named an unindicted co conspirator Mary Matalin. Wow that's pretty good -- -- I'll go with that -- not but I think somewhere along the line you'll see some -- in addition to those indictments what you won't see. Is either mrs. Clinton nor the president indicted and it wouldn't matter because they have -- at last you're still -- that we're now ethical expectations for this president and -- there are no one's disappointed that there have been so many lapses. Gee I want you to character witness from -- -- But -- -- events -- OK well let's go to stock market now and let's talk about where the Dow Jones Industrial Average would be a year from now. First we'll see where you said it was going to be today. I think the stock market is gonna go up but not. The way it went up this year it's gonna go up incrementally. Maybe 10% not 30% the -- run a glide path to a balanced budget is going to cause the stock market the soar again next year I'm gonna say it's over over 6000. Allen -- maybe 55. But it's I think we'll stable stabilize little bit. Well -- you also was gonna go up but you're all right the stock markets Dow Jones on thirty industrials ended today at 6549. Point. 37. So the question is what happens in 1997 Clarence. Well I think we're in for a correction Sam that's Smart money would say area. I'll walk one -- -- a 10% correction however they'll end up the year slightly higher than it is now. -- Well I put my money where my mouth was which meant that input in the stock market. I agree with Clarence I think how high is up when I think it's gonna take a breather in 97 not a bad -- or just a little pants little tiny -- -- Agreed led by Alan Greenspan this market is based not -- value so much to psychology -- the psychology is is of course correcting but not there won't be any different -- found if the dips down to 6200 go and awards is about now next year. Do you foresee a recession this year will be headed for a recession -- now. Clarence not a recession they'll be a quarterly -- all night and -- we're healthy. -- again this is a good healthy country economically let's -- the Oscar best picture Clarence. Best picture well all -- wanna say The English Patient I think that ought to get a marriage. -- tired of my personal favorites Larry -- the -- -- plan for our reasons Leon now here but I think you're right here husband plays in that movie -- but I thanks I don't get it but Milos Foreman or get best director for seriously -- went. -- -- What think Sean Maguire is the popular but. My personal favorite is big night. And believe me if a movie about two guys running a dying. Italian restaurant New Jersey could be the best movie of the year trust me it's this one big night. Okay from the movies of the courtroom OJ Simpson the civil suit is running but we're gonna have a verdict this year we believe. Will he win or lose a civil -- care. I think he's gonna lose the civil suit on the threshold is different. -- the jurors have heard all of this stuff and I think god. And what's going to be a meaningless. Pyrrhic defeat he's -- is gonna lose the civil trial. -- you know this -- never been about justice it's been a mockery of the whole judicial system night and I really. Thought he was going to lose until -- -- his kids back and now I think the sympathy factor kicks and they might get off. And Jerry. I mean sorry Clarence thank you that would critic Lester that this -- -- over by now -- with a definite we're Barack Obama for the slip but I've spent last of the OJ elusive -- went OK and we have just a few seconds left in this segment a personal question really from may well Diane Sawyer state -- -- BC at. I'll go in 1997 Clarence. Burger -- at this by having air let's let's -- -- -- stays latency right Mary. That she is but in cabin safety net and and develop a tickle me fan doppler here Jarrett. Did you -- Sam hello I'm not it's now a question of Diane well I think that's my question. I think if you stay she -- I hope you're all right that's an entry.

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