Sept. 21, 2011: Mick Jagger in SuperHeavy

Rolling Stones frontman talks to Robin Roberts about new hybrid band.
4:44 | 03/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sept. 21, 2011: Mick Jagger in SuperHeavy
His voice capture the rebellious youthful spirit of a generation and today. Mick Jagger is still an icon ABC's Robin Roberts met up with -- and his new band mates in the aptly named. -- -- at the dream downtown hotel in New York City. The lead singer of The Rolling Stones in a billionaire many times over. He's 68 years old. Any could be resting on -- grammys and playing with his grandkids but instead. Six. He's got a brand new sales and a new band. Supposedly liberating because -- -- want to -- It's very Israeli -- -- -- -- now are Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics soul singer Joss Stone. Bob Marley son Damian and they are -- Who wrote the hit music from slum dog millionaire. A jam session with them turned into the group super heavy. Even though India haunt him what the -- and was. If you let these very but it ended that's that's not part of -- and an out of body does yet. We let it go because it made it may work -- the fine. The type of music and -- -- who represents an announced what. Some Condit deviation from the boom you know and it is a deviation from the -- but based on accessible we. It was a bit challenging you just don't want every it's fun to be repetitions. It's on the -- Somewhat and other nothing. -- -- I. Think there's ever acts like Britney gets them in essence that the quality and -- still be an Olson. -- story and I'm Tim sometimes I just write whatever -- best thing. They are what if you are in this process must think too much. Notice that didn't expect that nick was always the pretty one now he seems content to turn that roll over to jobs. She -- mentioned once things that -- to correct it. Such was saudis get. I think it must have been -- yeah. -- yeah yeah. -- -- are you couldn't take this on the road collisions. Yeah and this. But the -- everyone. Really wondering about for The Rolling -- fiftieth anniversary. Plans -- because that they reported feud between nick and Rolling Stone Keith Richards who wrote his tell all autobiography. In which -- the levels the lead singer. Next year going to be fifty years of course everyone is wondering if that's going to happen -- and change your mind to want to go out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- C a long jump out. Home to tons of woman. That yes that's what do you -- the beginning. What will actually. -- -- Your music has people when they inherit it takes them back to a certain time and -- it. People say funny things -- is that it. Yeah well. You know we created our first child to appease the blood and -- its -- The -- five pays homage to him in their new hit song moves like -- Are you at this and about -- mind. Country. And my old habits but still. You've got it wouldn't. Eight hitting me. -- -- I think most. You that well thank you -- I think it you know. Well I do have other children and that -- innate conflict. Yet you have to -- -- can be like some -- coaster with we have to. And his father of seven grandfather of him or knows that people are still watching his every move.

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{"id":15936438,"title":"Sept. 21, 2011: Mick Jagger in SuperHeavy","duration":"4:44","description":"Rolling Stones frontman talks to Robin Roberts about new hybrid band.","url":"/Archives/video/sept-21-2011-mick-jagger-superheavy-15936438","section":"Archives","mediaType":"default"}