manson family murders
Manson Disciple Atkins Dies
Susan Atkins, 61, dies of brain cancer after being denied parole.
Dying Manson Murderer Denied Release
"Atrocious" nature of Susan Atkins' crimes cited by California officials.
Manson "Family" Murder Spree Still Shocking Today
The Manson "Family" murders are still horrifying today.
AP Photo/Corcoran/California State Prison
Brutal murders of Sharon Tate and seven others at the hands of Manson family still horrify, intrigue.
Manson Murders
VIDEO: Charles mansons former followers talk about life with the convicted mass murderer.
VIDEO: Charles Manson and former followers talk about the murders.
VIDEO: Charles Mansons former followers talk about life after the killings.
VIDEO: Charles Manson speaks at his 1992 parole hearing.
VIDEO: A recent picture of Charles Manson shows him bald.