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Consumer watchdog accused of running "pay to play" scheme with grading system.
The Better Business Bureau, one of the country's best known consumer watchdog groups, is being accused by business owners of running a "pay for play" scheme in which A plus ratings are awarded to those who pay membership fees, and F ratings used to punish those who don't. To prove the point, a group of Los Angeles... [continue]
Photo: Steve Cox, national president of the council of Better Business Bureaus
Better Business Bureau Apologizes for Grading System 'Errors BBB under fire after 20/20 report on 'pay to play' allegations.
Why Did The Ritz Carlton Get An F? ABC stations investigate the Better Business Bureau's grading system.
ABC News
ABC News tracks down the fugitives indicted in the swindle.
A massive phone scam exploiting the good name of the Make-A-Wish Foundation has siphoned more than $20 million from unsuspecting Americans and has been escalating in recent months. Authorities say it is fast becoming one of the ugliest telemarketing schemes to target the elderly in years. Swindlers pretending to be... [continue]
PHOTO Emilio Torres is shown in this booking photo.
Costa Rican Man Indicted in U.S. Phone Scam Case Authorities say Emilio Torres ran sweepstakes boiler room targeting U.S. victims
PHOTO Brian Ross Confronts A Fugitive
How To Avoid Getting Phone Scammed An expert offers tips on beating fraudsters who promise fake sweepstakes prizes.
PHOTO Brian Ross Confronts A Fugitive
Postal Service Mails Fraud Warning to 129M Authorities say Costa Rican scammers have stolen $20 million from U.S. victims.
How The Make A Wish Fraud Works
Listen To A Phone Scammer At Work $20 million fraud documented in rarely heard recordings.
Authorities probe Goldline, gold firm touted by Beck and other Fox hosts.
Authorities in California said today they have opened an investigation into Goldline International, a company that pioneered the practice of weaving its sales pitches into broadcasts by popular conservative political personalities -- including two former presidential candidates and Fox News host Glenn Beck -- to sell... [continue]
PHOTO Former Goldline Salesman Told ABC That Sales People Were Pushed To Ask For Retirement Funds
Goldline Customer Says He Lost $60K When Goldline Urged Him To Buy Coins Ex-Goldline salesman told ABC he was pushed to ask buyers for retirement funds.
Glenn Beck and Goldline
Goldline Hired 3 'Boiler Room' Salesmen Trio were investigated for fraud, agreed to return money to elderly investors.
Rare Video Shows Taliban Stoning a Woman Also on Brian Ross Investigates: The secret US air war, Congress probes Goldline
Glenn Beck and Goldline
Under Fire, Goldline Hires DC Lobbying Firm Glenn Beck's gold-plated sponsor bracing for congressional showdown.
Glenn Beck and Goldline
This Week on Brian Ross Investigates Glenn Beck's gold line, Toyota under criminal probe & national security.
Consumer Reports Raises Doubts About Gold Firm Touted By Glenn Beck Investigation says Goldine asked nearly twice as much for coins as competitor.
Glenn Beck and Goldline
Glenn Beck Fires Back at ABC Investigation Fox talk show host calls ABC News report 'spin,' 'nothing new.'
For Glenn Becks Gold Plated Sponsor, Fresh Scrutiny
Congress to Grill Glenn Beck Sponsor Goldline Goldline, a frequent advertiser on Fox, faces a hearing and a lawsuit.
Glenn Beck's Gold-Plated Sponsor: No Rip-Off Goldline exec rejects claims of rip off, warns feds could take away gold.
Ohio Attorney General
Fugitive Bobby Thompson rubbed shoulders with Boehner, Bush, McCain.
Top law enforcement officials in Ohio are spending this Veterans Day hunting for the man they believe exploited the good name of America's warriors to abscond with more than $100 million. The eccentric looking Florida man went by the name Bobby Thompson. As detailed in a report airing on World News with Diane Sawyer... [continue]
Photo: The Con Man and the Politicians: Money raised via a fake charity let Bobby Thompson rub shoulders with politicos.
Have You Seen This Mustachioed Man? Police hunt for mystery figure accused in veterans charity scam.
Veterans Groups Warn Against Charity Scams Bobby Thompson's Navy veterans association collected $100 million from donors.
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Police say men were killed by victim of the fraud.
The tables were turned with deadly consequences on two African immigrants trying to run a Nigerian "black money" scam on a New York man. Police say the men were killed in retaliation by the victim of the fraud and have identified the suspect as the cousin of NFL player Jonathan Vilma. Both men - Sekou Sakor, 31, and... [continue]
Nigerian 'Black Money' Scam Continues After 20/20 Expose Read the e-mail exchange between a California heart surgeon and the Nigerian scammer 20/20 caught on camera.