Dear ABC News Fixer: Double Charged for Hotel Room?

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Dear ABC News Fixer: My son charged a room on his debit card for New Year's Eve 2012. He did this through Expedia, but somehow the hotel charged him, too.

We have emails from both Expedia and the hotel, yet no one is willing to admit the mistake. Expedia charged $112, and the hotel charged $225.

My account is attached to his, so what affects him affects me. I have even contacted Bank of America – they researched this twice and are asking for more information. We have given them all the emails and the email confirmation and the receipt. This makes no sense.

It is clear the hotel and Expedia are out to make a buck and neither wants to accept responsibility. HELP!

- Jonava Johnson, Ellenwood, Ga.

Dear Jonava: Just when the ABC News Fixer thinks we've seen it all, along comes a problem like this with a crazy twist at the end.

First, some background. Your son, Ronald Aguilar II, booked one night at the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton/Atlanta-Galleria through Expedia for New Year's Eve for $112.86. When he arrived at the hotel, however, the desk clerk couldn't find his reservation.

Ronald pulled up the confirmation on his cell phone, showed it to the clerk, and the clerk gave him a key card. Ronald went happily up to his room and didn't give it another thought. It wasn't until he got home that he realized he'd been charged an additional $225.72 by the hotel.

And there the runaround began.

Despite his and your pleas, no one could figure out why Ronald was billed this extra money. That is, until the ABC News Fixer got in touch with Expedia spokeswoman Brittny Quinn, who promised to kick it up a notch.

Quinn got an Expedia agent to do some digging. They found that your son had accidentally entered "Ronald Aguilar" for his first name and "II" for his last name on Expedia's website. Quinn said the hotel couldn't locate the reservation under the last name "II," so that's why Ronald got charged again (and apparently was charged for two nights).

She said the hotel has agreed to refund Ronald the $225.72 and keep only the money that was paid through Expedia.

- The ABC News Fixer

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