How the ABC News Fixer Works

The ABC News Fixer loves untangling your worst consumer problems.

Mixed-up bank account? Bring it on. Messed-up car contract? Tell us about it. Appliance problem? No problem.

Our specialty is the runaround. That means if your problem just happened five minutes ago, you don't need The ABC News Fixer … at least not yet.

If, however, you've made several honest attempts to fix the problem yourself and still haven't had any luck, go ahead and send it to us by clicking this link.


Here are a few rules:

Tell us as much detail as possible. You don't need to write "War and Peace," but give a good sense of everything that happened and what you did to try to resolve it. If you have names and phone numbers of people you spoke with, include those, too – along with account or claim numbers.

We need your full name and town. We can't run unsigned letters in the column.

Hang on to your receipts, contracts and other documents. If we choose your problem, we will ask you to provide those later.

Please, no snail mail or phone calls. You must file your complaint online.

Remember, we fix consumer problems. Sorry -- but no noisy neighbors, ill-mannered children or unrequited loves fixed here.

If your problem is chosen, we'll call you to get more information and proceed from there. If it's not chosen, please check out our links to consumer agencies that may be able to help.

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