Congress Petitions FBI For More Active Role in Peace Corps Murder Investigation


“A lot of good things are happening in the investigation,” acknowledged Kate’s mother Lois Puzey. “I’m more hopeful than ever things will come together and that a trial will be held and justice will come for Kate.”

In a statement to ABC News, the Peace Corps said that Kate Puzey “embodied everything a Peace Corps volunteer should be,” and that they are “committed to justice for Kate and peace for the Puzey family.”

The Puzey family, along with Isakson, recently returned from a visit in Benin to mark the fifth anniversary of Kate’s death. Over a thousand people attended a memorial ceremony in the small village of Badjoude where Kate lived and taught school. The Puzey family also met with President Boni T. Yayi, his Minister of Justice and other Beninese cabinet members.

“President Yayi seemed very sincere in his concern for the investigation and said they will do everything they could,” Lois Puzey said. The murder of Kate Puzey and the policies and procedures of the Peace Corps were brought to national attention after an in-depth ABC News 2020 Investigation.

In 2011, following the ABC News investigation, the Kate Puzey Peace Corps Volunteer Protection Act was signed by President Obama. The legislation requires the Peace Corps to improve the training of volunteers to reduce sexual assault risk, would protect whistleblowers, and would require the Peace Corps to hire victims' advocates for each region the agency serves.

The Puzey family, Isakson and many others continue to fight to ensure Peace Corps volunteers are safe and that Kate’s memory is kept alive.

“There’s never going to be happiness for us because Kate is gone,” said Lois Puzey. “But we’re hopeful there can be justice and some peace and resolution.”

“We’re not quitting until we get to the bottom of this,” Isakson said.

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