Cyber Spy Program Flame Compromises Key Microsoft Security System

A Congressional report compiled in 2010 warned, "It is widely believed that terrorist organizations do not currently posses the capability or have [not] made the necessary arrangements with technically savvy organizations to develop a Stuxnet-type worm. However... Stuxnet's design revelations may make it easier for terrorist organizations to develop such capabilities in the future."

Last week The New York Times reported that Stuxnet was a product of America's long-term cyber campaign against Iran and President Obama was personally concerned about the damage Stuxnet could do after it accidentally seeped online and started replicating around the world.

Researchers at the Russia-based cyber security firm Kaspersky Labs who were among the first to analyze Flame said similarities to Stuxnet in technique and targeting have led them to believe that the two were developed by the same entity as parallel projects.

The same day Microsoft revealed their security breach, the Israeli military made an unusual public announcement, saying they have "been engaged in cyber activity consistently and relentlessly, gathering intelligence and defending its own cyber space."

"Additionally if necessary the cyber space will be used to execute attacks and intelligence operations," Sunday's announcement said.

Representatives at Microsoft declined to comment for this report.

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