A 'Very Odd Request' from Herman Cain


"He went and ordered these two expensive bottles of wine and when the bill came, he did not make any moves towards the bill so we ended up having to pay it," Donella claimed. "We had to pick that up." Donella says she's not accusing Cain of harassing her personally, but she said that "the behavior that he displayed in Egypt was indicative of a pattern of behavior, or was consistent with a pattern of behavior" and she felt a moral obligation to come forward with her story.

"I, in good conscience, could not sit by and let him continue to call them liars and say it was all false accusations when I witnessed behavior, while not outright sexual harassment, but behavior that was consistent with their stories," Donella said. "I think they're probably not lying. I can't say that with 100 percent certainty, but from what I saw, I would have no problem believing that what they said is probably true."

"If he's this God-fearing Christian that he portrays himself to be, he should be honest…rather than attacking these women," she added. "Where there's smoke there's fire."

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