Exclusive: F-22 Pilot's Widow Blasts 'Cowards' in Military-Industrial Complex

Pentagon IG: Air Force Conclusions 'Not Supported By the Facts'

After the Air Force crash report was published, the Pentagon's Inspector General said it was launching a rare review of the Air Force investigation to "verify that [the Air Force's] conclusions are supported by evidence of record consistent with standards of proof." It was the first major crash review conducted by the IG since the mid-1990s.

Last week the IG completed its review and while it did not say who or what was definitely to blame for the crash, it said the Air Force's conclusions were at times contradictory, incomplete or "not supported by the facts."

"The AIB report lacked detailed analysis of several areas," the IG report also said.

When the Air Force was informed of the IG's conclusions, the service said it convened a separate task force to review the AIB report. The task force found that while some portions of the AIB could have been written more clearly, it stood by the original accounting of the cause of the crash.

"That group of experts validated the AIB's conclusions," an Air Force spokesperson told ABC News last week.

The spokesperson said the service would rewrite portions of its crash report to clarify certain points raised by the IG's report.

Still, Anna and Jennifer Haney said their family has been vindicated by the IG's report.

"Now, too late, we and the world know that Jeffrey Haney was one of the best and the brightest fighter pilots in the United States Air Force," Anna Haney said.

The F-22 Raptor is America's single most expensive fighter jet, costing an estimated $420 million each and part of a $79 billion-and-counting program. The jets, which have yet to be sent on a combat mission, for years were plagued with a mysterious oxygen-related problem in which on rare occasions its pilots would report experiencing the symptoms of oxygen deprivation in mid-flight. The Air Force believes it has solved that problem.

Anna Haney is not convinced that the planes are safe to fly and said she believes "our pilots are still at risk."

Lockheed Martin referred requests for comment for this report to the Air Force, which declined to comment further on the IG's report or on Anna Haney's allegations.

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