Feds Searching for Friend of Boston Marathon Suspect, 'Concern' Over Chechnya Trip

Heda's Mother: I 'Love' the US

During another interview last week, Heda's mother, Raisa Umarova, became emotional when asked why her daughter stayed behind in Chechnya, a country that she and her husband desperately wanted to leave 10 years ago when their five children were "babies."

"She is getting married. She doesn't speak good Russian. They [the Umarov children] come to this country as babies. This is my home now. I love this country. I love my children being here," the mother said through tears.

Raisa Umarova said her family came to Massachusetts as political refugees but became proud U.S. citizens after seven years here.

The Umarovs as new immigrants became friendly with the Tsarnaevs in 2004, three years after the Tsarnaevs arrived, Hamzat Umarov told federal officials, and acknowledged to ABC News that the families "knew each other."

Both families were natives of Chechnya -- though the elder Tsarnaevs now live in neighboring Dagestan -- who successfully sought political asylum in the United States by citing the staggering violence in that region and "the Tsarnaevs took them under their wing," an investigator said.

But despite her younger children's public support for Dzhokhar, Raisa Umarova insisted that she and her husband have no contact with the Tsarnaev family.

"I don't like them. I like my country,'' she said, referring to America.

No one in the Umarov family has been charged with a crime or named as a suspect complicit in the April 15 attack on the Boston Marathon.

Chelsea High School officials said federal investigators interviewed Junes' teachers and classmates after the marathon bombings last year.

Chelsea High Principal Joseph Mullaney told ABC News all five of the Umarov children attended the public school and called them "bright students." Junes and Adam were in Advanced Placement classes, like their older sister Hawa, who speaks several languages, Mullaney added.

Hawa went on to graduate from Mass College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, Mass. Junes and Adam are roommates and students at MCLA now. Adam Umarov was questioned on campus last year, officials said.

Chelsea High School librarian Thelma Dakubu said the entire Umarov family strongly identified with Chechnya. Adam even posted the Chechen flag of Ichkeria – which symbolizes the ongoing conflict between the Russian federation and nationalists there – on his Chelsea High School Yearbook page in 2012.

"They were fond of saying, 'We're not Russian. We're Chechen,''' Dakubu told ABC News. "Heda was the quiet one."

Dakubu was also quick to add that the family appeared tight-knit and hardworking. The family patriarch, Hamzat Umarov, even performed a custom Chechen dance at a high school talent show with his daughters, she said.

"They seem to be a close family,'' Dakubu said.

In his 2013 high school yearbook, Junes Umarov wrote, "I'm a stress free kind of guy" -- which is the identical quote Dzhokhar Tsarnaev tweeted two days after the bombings, one of several he sent during the chaotic search for the attackers.

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