Alleged Plot Against U.S. Military Base In Seattle Is Eighth in Two Years


Abdul-Latif Praises Jihad On YouTube

In one of his own videos posted on YouTube, Abdul-Latif urges Muslims to make jihad and says they must stop compromising with "kafirs" -- non-Muslim infidels. We must establish Jihad. I don't care what anyone says about that. You can turn me into the FBI, whatever. We need to establish Jihad with the heart, the tongue and the hand. We need to stop trying to compromise with the kafirs and stop trying to be their friends because they hate us." In another, he blasts the U.S. for alleged atrocities in Islamic countries. "There are even United States military soldiers who are over there raping women and killing Muslims and are not being held accountable for it."

Officials say Abdul-Latif served briefly in the U.S. Navy in 1995. He has at least two felony convictions: robbery in the first degree in 2002 and assault a year later while serving time in Washington state for the robbery. Walli Mujahidh, a 32-year-old from Los Angeles, has no known felony convictions.

Former FBI Counterterrorism chief Bob Blitzer told ABC News that Abdul-Latif and Mujahidh seemed to fit more in the "lone wolf category" than to be part of a substantial terror cell. But he said that law enforcement is now on the lookout for lone wolves, and the alleged plot was "pretty darned serious." "It's pretty obvious we're at war," said Blitzer, "and these people view our military as the enemy, as the arm of the U.S. government that is attacking their people abroad and killing them. And so it's logical that they would be a huge target of folks like this."

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The suspects appeared in federal court late Thursday to hear charges against them, and were ordered held without bail. A detention hearing is set for next Wednesday.

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