Full Statement from the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center Parents Association

-------- Below are comments from 2 student's parents about their experience at JRC. Due to the issues we discussed, they did not want their names used but wanted you to read what they had to say. ----------- "For politicians and the other bureaucrats to assume that they understand my life or that of my child is not only presumptuous but it is cruel and torturous. To those who routinely uses false and inflammatory words to describe the only therapy that helped my son and has given him a life – shame on you. My son has spent 18 years severely injuring himself and others, sending over 40 people to the hospital with severe human bites and concussions. He was expelled from his other programs and spent over 6 years at JRC on a strictly positive program. 9 months ago we made the very difficult decision to petition the court to try the GED (skin shock treatments). It has been a miracle. We are able to take him home, out to restaurants; anywhere he wants to go! There is no torture here. The torture for us is to listen to people like Senator Joyce have the gall to tell us that we should try to pay more attention to our child or love him more. We have nothing but love for our children and we have tried every other therapy and treatment before the GED. He has never been able to enjoy his life the way he has in the past 9 months. How would those who know nothing about living in this situation and watching your child harm himself and other like to watch his child suffer for so many years and then have strangers tell him the one treatment that is working isn't good because they know better?"

"If you met my daughter today, she is a sweet, talkative young woman. If you met her 3 years ago, before the GED, you would have been very afraid, and rightly so. She attacked anyone who came near her, including infants or toddlers. If she could get hold of you she would pull the hair right out of your head in clumps or head butt you; she left several with concussions. My daughter was expelled from almost every other program she was in and rejected from many others. She was unable to have a roommate or to be in a classroom; she was spontaneously aggressive and sent countless people to the hospital. We spent 17 years trying every available therapy, including physical and chemical restraint. Nearly 4 years ago when we brought her to JRC, she spent about 10 months on a positive only program. We petitioned the court to have her treated with the GED; the impact was almost immediate. She comes home for visits, has a roommate at school, goes out to dinner with staff and friends; she attends classes and enjoys learning and working in the dining hall. It is 3 years later and she has not had one application of the GED in 18 months. Those who suggest that treatment for issue they know nothing about should more carefully look at the people's lives they seem so cavalier about throwing away. They have no solutions to offer, but think they know better. "

Parents trust JRC

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