Green Beret: 'Going Native' Was the Real Reason I Was Pushed Out


But in 2012, as the Taliban ramped up attacks against his small outpost, Gant was pulled from Afghanistan to face allegations against him, as reported to military brass by a young first lieutenant. The village stability program ceased to exist by early last year, as American special operators were replaced by Afghan Local Police, an essentially deputized tribal police force. Petraeus and Olsen, both high-level supporters of the village stability program, had both left the military.

Though his relationship with Tyson was unique, several current and former special operations members told ABC News recently that painkillers and alcohol were ubiquitous on the front lines and Gant was hardly the only one guilty of those infractions.

"What matters to our commanders is conformity. Thinking outside the box puts a bull's eye on you. Gant was a non-conformist," said a frustrated former senior commander in the Army's elite counterterrorism unit, Delta Force, who supported the tribal initiative.

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