Kabul Embassy Siege: Blood and Bullet Casings Where Seven Attackers Died


U.S. Blames Haqqani Network

During the tour for reporters, police showed the bodies of four insurgents. Two had been shot through the eyes or between the eyes, and one's head had been blown half off. When crime scene investigators picked up one of the bodies, a live grenade was beneath him.

Even more quickly than normal, U.S. officials pointed the blame across the border at Pakistan and the Haqqani network, which is believed to be run out of the North Waziristan tribal area.

"We believe by virtue of the complexity of the attack and the way it was executed, that this probably was a Haqqani instigated attack," Lt. Gen. John Allen, commander of all international troops in Afghanistan, told reporters. "With regard to the safe havens, we talk to the Pakistanis all the time. We desire to partner with them to control insurgent infiltration across the border. On some occasions it works, but in particular we seek to have the Pakistani government place greater pressure on the Haqqani network to keep them on the east side of the border."

That request was echoed by Crocker, but for the Pakistanis, it is not so easy. In an exclusive interview with ABC News last week, Lt. Gen. Asif Yasin Malik, who commands the Pakistani army in northwest Pakistan, said he did not have enough troops to go after the Haqqani network. He also said an offensive against a militant group that attacks U.S. troops – but generally avoids attacking inside Pakistan – was not in Pakistan's interest, and Pakistan would not be bullied into anything by the U.S.

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"I can't tell you how to do your job, right? You know best how to do it," he said to an American reporter. "This is our country. These are our people. These are our problems. We will go into North Waziristan if we want to go for our domestic reasons."

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