NSA Releases Snowden Email, Did He Tell NBC the Truth?

Wizner also said the NSA has chosen to release a “single part of a single exchange” and said since the NSA didn’t have much credibility in his mind – noting the agency left the email exchange posted online today out of its statement to the Post in 2013 -- he would take Snowden’s word over the NSA’s if Snowden said he did more to raise the issue internally.

Elsewhere in the NBC News interview, Snowden, who has been living in Russia under temporary asylum, denied that he had any relationship with the Russian government, as some critics have alleged, and said that he would most like to come home. He wouldn’t do it without a deal, though.

“I don’t think there’s ever been any question that I’d like to go home. I mean, I’ve from day one said that I’m doing this to serve my country… [But] what has been lain against me are not normal charges. They’re extraordinary charges,” Snowden said, referring to his charges under the Espionage Act and the restrictions that he says would be put on a possible legal defense against them. “And so when people say ‘Why don’t you go home and face the music?’ I say, ‘You have to understand that the music is not an open court and fair trial.’”

Snowden said he would not “walk into a jail cell to serve as a bad example for other people in government who see something happening, some violation of the Constitution and think they need to say something about it.”

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