Pizza Hut Delivered a Dent in My Car, Then I Fought the Franchise

Paul J. Molinaro, an attorney with Fransen & Molinaro LLP in California, says it’s important for accident victims to get a police report listing the delivery driver’s name, address and insurance company and to document the scene with lots of photos, including shots of the restaurant logo on the car, pizzas on the front seat and anything else that shows that the driver was working. It’s easy to do this at the scene with a smartphone.

Molinaro says that even with smaller cases like this, consumers shouldn’t try to contact a company over the phone. It’s better to put your claim in writing, with copies of the police report and repair estimates and a demand for a set amount of money by a certain date. The letter should be sent to the corporation’s registered agent, the corporation itself and the local franchise, by certified mail.

- The ABC News Fixer

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