Russian Next Generation Stealth Fighter Unveiled at Air Show

In the end, Congress halted funding for the F-22 program at $77 billion on 187 fighters, rather than the original full order for 648 jets. As far as the F-35s, the U.S. military has received and is testing 20 models from Lockheed Martin as part of a plan to acquire nearly 2,500 jets by 2035 at a total cost estimated at $385 billion -- the single most expensive defense acquisition program in U.S. history.

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Though currently inoperable, the U.S. planes appear to greatly outnumber the handful of rarely seen T-50s and J-20s.

Until there are enough T-50s to fill out their air force, a Russian commander said today the country's famous MiGs could stand "as an equal" to America's F-35s, according to state news.

For their part, the Chinese said their jet, while a giant leap forward technologically, is not intended to be seen as a threat to the U.S.

"The People's Liberation Army has no ability, and even more than that, has no intention, to challenge America's territory and global military advantage, and does not have any aims to pursue military hegemony in the region," Rear-Admiral Yang Yi wrote in the overseas edition of the People's Daily in January.

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