Fired Alaskan Official Says Palin Hasn't Been Truthful

"It seemed to be he just inquiring I think trying to process what do you do if there are complaints against a trooper and what is the status of this trooper," Palin said last month.

"Though you will hear on the CD that it does sound like he's calling on behalf of the Governor, Sarah, he refers to me as Sarah. He's asking on behalf of me," she explained.

But Sen. French says the issue has resulted in a credibility gap for the Governor.

"There's the issue of the Frank Bailey call suggesting that the Palins are upset, the Palins are confused, the Palins don't understand why this person is still working for the Department of Public Safety," said French. "So I believe there's evidence out there that's going to be damaging to the Governor's position."

As for Monegan, he says he is disappointed in a woman for whom he once had high regard.

"It disappoints me and it's because I expected more from her. I expected so much more and I just wish it hadn't," Monegan said.

"None of this gives me either pride or pleasure being involved in this because I've been part of the government. Bottom line is I would like to see the truth, that's all."

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