Pentagon Identifies Americans Killed in Kabul Shooting

When asked whether NATO forces in Afghanistan could guarantee another Koran burning would not happen, NATO spokesman Brig. Gen. Carsten Jacobson said, "Nobody can guarantee that things are never going to happen. Nobody can guarantee that never again a shooting will happen between people who are partnered with each other."

Asked whether the Interior Ministry could guarantee whether another "green-on-blue" incident would not happen, Interior Minister Sediq Seddiqi said, "The only guarantee is time."

Trying to explain why a 25-year-old Afghan driver turned his gun on American colleagues, he added, "People go crazy sometimes when they see something really bad or strange, especially the Afghans, who have gone through many, many bad years of bloodshed," he said, referring to the Koran burning.

But both Seddiqi and Jacobson echoed each other in another way, when they tried to reassure the other side that everyone was working as hard as possible to avoid making the same mistakes.

"We should take more measures to build more trust and confidence. This is in our hands," Seddiqi said, "and of course we will take more measures to make sure these incidents do not happen in the future."

Jacobson's version: "We will do everything in our ability as it was promised by the commander [to] make actually sure that across the nations of this coalition, everybody is aware not only of the sensitivity of what happened in this incident, but also about the consequences and is aware how important it is to respect the habits and the traditions of the country that we're serving in."

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