Cruise Transcript: 'Get Back on Board for [Expletive] Sake!'


Captain: I just wanted to tell you that the other rescue boat here with other rescuers stopped. It's just stopped. Now I've called the other rescuers.

PA: You've been telling me the same thing for an hour now get back on board! On board! And you get back to me right away telling me how many people are there.

Captain: It's fine officer, I'm going.

PA: Then go, right now!

[A second recording appears to show the another conversation between Schettino and the Port Authority:]

Captain: I have spoken with the company, and there seem to be some people still onboard, possibly about one hundred.

PA: And you can't even give me a precise number? You say "there seem to be"?

Captain: Well, we were carrying out evacuation procedures, but now all the officers have gathered on the rescue boat with me.

PA: Where are you guys? All on the reascue boat? Excuse me, earlier you told me you where with one colleague only -- now all the officers are there?

Captain: Yes, there's me, my second officer, and...

PA: If the officers were able to get down there, it means they were still able to move...

Captain: Indeed, now...

PA: Then why are they not going back on board to see what the situation is like and then tell us about it, thank you? Send them on board! Send someone on board to coordinate!

Captain: Now it's not...

PA: Send someone back on board!

Captain: I am coordinating...

PA: I am giving you an order, Captain. You must send someone onboard!

Captain: We are going on board to coordinate ourselves...

PA: Exactly! You must go onboard to coordinate the disembarking! Is that clear?

Captain: But we can no longer get on board now, the ship has sunk completely.

PA: Why did you allow them to get off, Captain?

Captain: I didn't... We abandoned ship.

PA: And with 100 people still on board you abandon ship? [expletive]

Captain: I didn't abandon any ship... because the ship turned on its side quickly and we were catapulted into the water.

PA: We'll clarify later what actually happened... for now tell me everything that goes on, everything! Place yourself under the ship with your rescue boat and don't leave.

Captain: We're here. We're here.

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