Former US Contractor Says He Abused Drugs to Cope in Afghanistan


According to Carlson, he wasn't the only one abusing drugs. Other Jorge employees knew what the medic stocked and would "just come to my medicine cabinet and take it." He says many of those contractors would mix the drugs with alcohol, which he says would intensify the high.

Jorge Scientific said in a statement that it took "decisive action to correct the unacceptable behavior of a limited number of employees" and that several of them seen on the video are no longer employed by Jorge Scientific. It "remains confident that the personal misconduct did not impact the Company's contract performance."

While the military is tasked with overseeing contractors in the region, Carlson says the only Army personnel he saw visit the Jorge facility came to join in on the partying.

"We got a lot of Army soldiers, our U.S. forces soldiers, [who came] to the house to have dinner and party," Carlson said. "They consumed some of the alcohol… It's not like they didn't have an idea of what we were doing."

In a statement to ABC News, Col. Tom Collins, a U.S. Army spokesperson for the International Security Assistance Force, said, "Clearly, behavior such as that described by ABC News is not indicative of the outstanding work that thousands of contractors and service members perform every day in Afghanistan."

Carlson said he began government contract work after a 20-year military career -- 10 years in the infantry followed by 10 years in the Special Forces. He said he never abused drugs during that time and told ABC News he is now clean and hasn't used Ketamine since leaving the Jorge Scientific facility in Kabul.

Carlson, who is married with two children, is currently living in Germany and would like to continue as a medic with another government contractor. But, he admits, his behavior and subsequent firing from Jorge Scientific may halt what was once a promising career.

He said he's asked for forgiveness from his family "for putting them in the situation where I'm unemployed and now looking for a job and maybe not being able to get one because of what happened."

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